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Project Overview

For Leeds City Council we created three websites, all managed through the one Umbraco CMS.

Leeds Council were looking for an agency that had a wealth of experience with Spektrix box office integrations but could also deliver an affordable solution.

They wanted the style and feel of each website to be similar while still retaining a certain level of individuality.

We worked on a theme that would be consistent throughout all three sites but added in a facility that enables the theme's colours to be changed. This powerful tool gives them the ability to adapt the website so that it can tie in with other marketing activities like the current Seasons brochure's colours.

Umbraco, our CMS of choice was rolled out, along with our cutting-edge Spektrix module to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Visit Carriageworks Theatre Website

Visit Leeds Town Hall Website

Visit Leeds Concert Season Website


Working with Twentyfirst Century Media to develop four brand new sites and to integrate them with Spektrix has been a worthwhile experience. Their knowledge and expertise with Spektrix – a new ticketing system for us – was also invaluable; always willing to offer their insight on a system they know well to ensure we created the best booking journey for our customers. Ultimately, website traffic has increased, and web sales are through the roof – we couldn’t have asked for better, and would highly recommend Twentyfirst Century Media.

Graham Whitehead, Programme and Promotions Manager, Leeds City Council

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