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Project Overview

The Capitol Theatre in Horsham approached us three years ago needing a fast and professional build. They were looking for a responsive website which integrated with Spektrix and would best reflect the Theatre's forward-thinking ethos.

Since that point we've re-designed the entire website and delivered the Umbraco CMS, giving them access to a great new set of tools, advanced Spektrix API2 & 3 features as well as improving the website's overall speed in delivering pages.

Fully responsive in its design, the Capitol's website reflects the latest in Web & Accessibility standards.

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"The team at Twentyfirst Century Media have twice delivered first class websites for The Capitol. They know the answer because they understand the question. Getting our website to facilitate Spektrix is flawless and down to their expertise in this field. Use them – you won’t be disappointed."

Nick Mowatt, General Manager, The Capitol, Horsham

The Capitol, Horsham

The Capitol, Horsham

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