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The team at Twentyfirst Century Media has been producing websites for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver state-of-the-art websites at affordable prices. All our websites are 100% editable via our custom built Content Management System.

Just look at some of the features that we offer...

  • 100% updatable Content (CMS)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Pages (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Document / Image / Video Manager
  • Multiple Photo Galleries
  • Multiple Calendars (Month or Term view)
  • Multiple Editors with varied Editing Rights
  • Google Friendly URLs
  • Shopping Cart (connects easily to PayPal)
  • Simple Survey System
  • Learning Gateway
  • Draft / Publish Mode Editing


Communicate Effectively

The main purpose of your school website is to effectively communicate with your key stakeholders - namely the parents!

It's so important to keep them up-to-date and well informed. Not only does it garner confidence in your school but it also makes for happy and content parents.

Our NEWS module allows the quick creation and publishing of that all important news story.

Every single story has a social media share system attached to it - allowing parents to share important notifications with their friends.

We have an email alert system that delivers the story directly into the parent’s email inbox as soon as it’s published on the website.

Then there’s our simple survey system. This fabulous tool allows you to anonymously collect crucial feedback on events, incidents or parents evenings! In fact, anything you want to analyse.

Added to all the above, there’s our splash or holding page feature that allows you to place an important message on the home page of the website.


Calendar System

We will build up your school calendar to reflect your year groups so that parents can easily filter the calendar just to show what's relevant.

A popular example would be along the lines of All School, Term Dates, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6.

You can check multiple categories so the event will display in multiple calendar views.


Letters Home

This system allows you to upload pdfs of letters to the website which can be accessed by the Parents.

So, if a newsletter doesn't reach home, the parents can access it online.

The system is built up, once again, around the year groups much in the same way as the calendar, so parents can filter only what is appropriate for them.

Currently, the system gives the parents the chance to read online and or download the pdf.

There is also an email system that allows you to email out Newsletters to Parental groups.


Simple Survey System

Our Simple Online Survey System allows you to collect and analyse data from all your key stakeholders.

This data gives you an insight into the collective thoughts of these groups as a whole.

You can ask for feedback on many different topics such as:

  • Your latest parents evening
  • Your iPad for learning rollout
  • School trips
  • Progress review days

There's such a vast amount of data that you can collect, giving you key insights into ways to improve your school's parental and student engagement activities.


Social Media

All our pages have social sharing tools built in. Visitors can easily share a news piece, a calendar item or even a great looking gallery they've just come across on the website.

With just a simple click of a button, your content can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and many other social sharing systems.


News & Blogs

Simple to use, this system allows you to produce News stories as and when they happen.

You can use the system to replace your School Newsletter, building up the weekly articles and then posting a link out by email to announce the latest news.

A valuable tool for keeping the parents up to date with all your latest communications.


Other Features of Our Content Management System

  • Home Page Announcements
  • Easy Page and Child Page creation
  • Meet The Team System
  • Image Galleries
  • Question and Answer Feature
  • YouTube Video Player
  • Video Embed
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Image cropping and editing
  • Multi-tab creation on Pages, News, and Calendar


Some Examples of our work...

The Priory School, Shrewsbury

Salop Teaching School

Telford & Wrekin Music 

Forest Arts Music Hub

Our digital solutions for education start from as little as £500. Get in touch now, for an informal, non-obligatory chat.


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