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Spektrix Integrations are our speciality!

With 27 hugely successful integrations to date, we have a proven record of delivering the perfect Spektrix solution.

We’ve worked with venues with seating capacities that range from 1200 to 200. So, whether you're large or small, we'd love to work with you.

Whether it's using API v2 or API v3, we have the team to deliver!

Our purpose built module allows you to access the Spektrix API and import new and update existing listings in real time.

We can deliver feature-rich updates like booking button availability statuses so, if your sales reach a certain level the button will reflect a pre-determined message such as 'Last Few Tickets' or 'Limited Availability'.

Our Spektrix scheduler allows you to set specific times for the website to be updated with the latest event statuses from the Spektrix system.  So, if you’re out of the office don’t worry your event and their instances will be completely up to date. 

We are committed to delivering the perfect solution at the perfect price!

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