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Project Road Map

The Road Map stage is where we set out to define the project, walking through every step through the eyes of your customers.

The outcome of this exercise is a set of user experiences that perfectly illustrates the customer's journey.

We then use these valuable insights to create a development plan.

UX / UI design

The first stage of this development plan is the creation of sketches and low fidelity wireframes, identifying the critical points of your visitors' journey.

These will be stripped of any visual design, allowing us to focus on the user experience.

We’ll then work these into a prototype, illustrating how the system will work. This prototype is then tested on end-users and refined based on their feedback.

Visual Design

To give you the perfect competitive advantage, we ensure your website looks fantastic too.

We introduce fonts and colour to the design, that work hand in hand with your brand.

We then begin to build up a style guide focussing on common UI patterns such as buttons, forms, and navigation.

This is where the real magic begins, transforming the stickies, wireframes and scrawled hand-writing into visually stunning designs.

During this design stage, we prepare pixel-perfect mockups in Photoshop.

All designs are available through an online viewing and commenting platform.

We would then discuss these designs through group meetings, either at your offices or via conference facilities such as Teamviewer or Messenger services like Skype.

Once all the designs are approved, they are applied to the CMS and content built up.

Extensive responsive testing would be applied through this period using cross-browser testing tools such as BrowserStack.​


Testing & Training

Once the functionality is developed, your website is deployed in a staging environment for rigorous testing and a full review.

We also provide full training, so your principal administrators become experts at using and populating your new site.

The site is then put through stringent usability testing and analysis. This includes reviewing usability with a select few stakeholders and potential users. For more complicated sites we would employ the use of a focus group for full independent evaluation.

Let's Talk

We'd love to talk about any projects you've got coming up.

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