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Images & Properties

To add an image, click on Select Image +

This will open up the Media Folder

You can either navigate to where you have saved the image by clicking on the appropriate folder or upload ithere by clicking on the Upload button.

It’s always a good idea to manage your images by creating a useful folder system and uploading them into folders that have meaning to you.

It will be much easier to locate these images if you want them for future use than scrolling through endless images all uploaded into the one folder.

As you can see, in the example above, we have various folders... Images, Documents, Logos, Sample Images, Galleries

If you don’t see an appropriate folder to upload your image to, then simply create a new one by entering the name you want to call it in the text field next to Media.

e.g. Name (as illustrated)

And then hit the return button on your keyboard. This will then create the Folder.

The new folder will then open.

After uploading the image you will see it appear in the folder similar to the display below.

Click on the Image to select it. You will then be presented with this screen.

Click on the Image to select it.

Use the slider control to zoom in on the part of the image you want to display and then move it around with your mouse until you find the best part of the image that suits the shape of the box.

When you click the X it will crop the image. This process doesn’t change the original image so if you are unhappy about the crop just click the reset link.


If you don't want the image to show on the details page, just click on the Hide Image in Details box.


If you want to embed a Film Trailer, YouTube or Vimeo video you can paste the code here.

If you would like information on how to get the embed code from YouTube please click here.


Next select the relevant categories boxes.


Select a rating from the dropdown menu for film listings.

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