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Adding Downloads

You can add Downloads to your page by clicking on the Downloads Tab.

Click the + icon to load in the media folder. Navigate to the Downloads folder and select the file, then click Submit

Next click on the dropdown arrow on the Type field and select the type of file you have just added. i.e. Image, Doc (Word Doc), PPT (PowerPoint), PDF or Excel. (This will select the correct file icon to display)

Click Save & Publish

On the front end of the site it will appear similar to the illustration below.

To add more downloads, click on the + icon and repeat the above steps.

If you’ve added more than one download and want to change the order that they appear in, click on the    icon and hold down the mouse while you drag it to the position you require and then release.

The     icon allows you to hide the file or you can remove it by clicking the   icon.

You can add text or simply a title of Downloads for example, (this will appear above the download files and gives the visitor to the website a hint as to what these items are.)

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