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Password Protecting A Page

To password protect a page, simply right click on the page you want to protect and click Public Access


The following screen will appear.


Choose Single user protection if you want to create a generic username and password for all users to access the page.

If you want to create unique usernames and passwords for individuals to use to access the page, then you will need to select Role based protection. Please note that Role based protection is only available if you have the members module available in your system.

Single user protection will be the default selection. Click Select and the following screen will appear.


Enter a Login name and a Password. Please note that the password must by a minimum of 8 characters in length.

Next you need to choose the Login page. Click the Choose button to open up the navigation tree.


Choose the SignIn page. If you can't see a SignIn page in the navigation tree, then contact support who will quickly add this in for you.

After that choose the Error page. You can create a page for this that might have help tips or contact details on it, if the user is struggling to sign in.

In this example we will select the home page. The screen should look something like this.


Click the Update button and you're done! You will see a confirmation message like this.


When you navigate to the page on the front end of the website, the Sign In page (similar to the one displayed below) will be visible, prompting the user to enter the username and password supplied by you.


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